Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jennifer Hudson Is 170 Pounds and Thinks of Herself as a Supermodel

 Jennifer Hudson Is 170 Pounds and Thinks of Herself as a Supermodel

Jennifer Hudson Is 170 Pounds and Thinks of Herself as a Supermodel | celebrity quotes

Jennifer Hudson’s 60 lbs+ weight loss is still news – here’s an article that reveals that the singer / actress didn’t consider herself a ‘big girl’ before the weight loss. Other highlights? Daily Mail says that Jennifer is 170 pounds now at 5’9”  / 77 kg at  175 cm (ironically, just like Chloe in yesterday’s post) and just like Jessica Alba, she never gives her son sweets.
I didn’t even realise I was being discriminated against and missed out on things until I crossed over to the other side,’ she told US magazine Live Smart. Now, on this side, they treat you differently, the opportunities are different, my image is different, even though some people do say: “I like the fat Jennifer better”.’
She now weighs around 170lbs and is a US size 2 (UK size 6).
It was the 2007 Oscars and the former American Idol contestant was nominated for an Academy Award, which she eventually won. It was a complete shock,’ she says. Where I come from, Chicago, I was a normal-size girl. She was talking to me about being a bigger girl and I was like: ‘I am? Hudson says that the comment affected her perspective and self-image. ‘I felt insecure about my size,’ she says.
But back in Chicago she was happy in her own skin.
She says: ‘I didn’t ever say: “I hate my body”. I really liked myself and that’s why my mind has still not caught up to my new body. But this is the new me, I now think of myself as a supermodel… I have passed over from one side to the other. I am somewhere I never thought I would be. I look at myself in the mirror and I say: ‘Is that you?’
Despite sticking to the plan religiously Hudson says that after she lost the first 40lbs [2st 12lbs] her weight hovered at 190lbs [13st 8lbs].
But the 5ft 9in star didn’t give up. ‘I got stuck at 190lbs,’ she says. I had been 190lbs before and never could get any lower. I decided to just keep doing what I had been doing and it worked.’
My son has never had fried food,’ she says. ‘[And] we don’t give him sweets. I had to be an adult before I learned all of this. I remember my granddaddy used to walk us to the store every day and we would come back with bags and bags of chips [crisps] and it seemed like the whole candy store and bags of cookies.’


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