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Celeb Biography of Actress Sneha

Celeb Biography of  Actress Sneha

Sneha is a calm and lovely Tamil actress who worked in couple of movies in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada languages .She was born in October 12, 1981 in Mumbai.

She finished the year with an incursion into Telugu cinema, making two appearances in notable films like Ennavale opposite to Madhavan and Aanandham.She also managed doing eight films in a single year 2002 like Hanuman Junction, Unnai Ninaithu, April Madhathil, King, and Pammal K. Sambandam.

Sneha started her career in Malayalam film Ingane Oru Nilapakshi in a supporting role in 2001 and next Tamil language film, Ennavale opposite to Madhavan and later worked in Ingane Oru Nilapakshi a Malayalam film, Ennavale in Tamil, Aanandham.She in Tamil, Parthale Paravasam in Tamil, Priyamaina Neeku in Telugu, Tholi Valapu in Telugu, Yei! Nee Romba Azhagey Irruke in Tamil, Hanuman Junction in Telugu , Unnai Ninaithu in Tamil , King in Tamil , Punnagai Desam in Tamil, Pammal K. Sambandam in Tamil , Parthiban Kanavu in Tamil Manasu Palike Mouna Raagam in Telugu , Nee Sukhame Ne Korukunna in Telugu , Achchamundu In Tamil, Angaadi Theru in Tamil, Pandurangadu Telugu etc.

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