Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Evan Rachel Wood in Jill Stuart at ‘The Conspirator’ premiere: chic or fug?

Evan Rachel Wood in Jill Stuart at ‘The Conspirator’ premiere: chic or fug?


These are photos from the Washington, D.C. premiere of The Conspirator, the story of what happened immediately after Abraham Lincoln was shot at Ford’s Theatre. The film stars Robin Wright as Mary Surratt, one of the “conspirators” to the assassination, who was (spoiler) tried and convicted, and then hanged. Robert Redford directed the film, which follows the trial of Mary Surratt. Evan Rachel Wood plays her daughter, and I believe James McAvoy plays Surratt’s lawyer. 

Anyway, Robin wasn’t at the premiere, but McAvoy, Redford and Wood made it. Guess where the premiere was held? Ford’s Theatre! Where Lincoln was shot, for those who don’t know. According to Page Six, the premiere almost had to be called off because Ford’s Theatre is a federally protected historical site, and the potential government shutdown might have closed it down. 

Anyway, Evan Rachel Wood in Jill Stuart. I thought this was vintage at first, but it’s not. It still feels very dated, and I think the fabric is fug as hell… and yet ERW kind of pulls it off.


James was adorable, as always. He’s wearing his favorite pair of jeans - the same ones he’s been wearing for the past six months or so. The boy CANNOT dress. I love it.


Mm… Redford.


Here’s the trailer for The Conspirator. I always thought that Clive Owen should play John Wilkes Booth if they ever made a movie just about Booth. If you look at the old photos, there’s definitely a resemblance.

UPDATE: Robin Wright was at the premiere, I just missed the photos! Whoops, my bad. Here she is in a horribly cut grey suit:

celebitchy/Photos courtesy of WENN.

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