Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck look happy and content for a change

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck look happy and content for a change


Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were photographed out together, supposedly looking for a school for one or both of their daughters, and they looked pretty happy and content for once. They often seem disconnected and upset in candids, but I think their mood is usually a reaction to the paparazzi that hound them and isn’t necessarily a reflection on their relationship. 
Kaiser isn’t a fan of Garner, and I understand that criticism that Lainey and Kaiser lob at her - that she’s shuttling her kids out to promote stuff, that she’s arranging photo ops. I don’t agree with that take on her, and I’ve seen video of the paparazzi absolutely swarming her when she’s out with her kids. I think that Garner and Affleck live a predictable life, that they’re followed everywhere and and that they deal with it the best they can. The worst that Ben has done is flip the bird a few times and scowl, which is completely understandable and a pretty mild response to what he goes through daily.

These two don’t even have a bodyguard (Kate Gosselin has one for God’s sake) and while Garner has admitted to having a nanny she isn’t usually seen out with a lot of helpers. I like them, I can’t help it. They don’t seem to think they’re regal, they do live the high life but they don’t seem to flaunt it or overextend like Ben’s ex J.Lo and her diminutive control freak husband. I’m rooting for them, but frankly I’m surprised they’ve lasted as long as they have. 
I had to say something negative and there it is. I’ve seen a lot of friends split up and marriage is a tough prospect for anyone, particularly two people in the spotlight with such different schedules. We’ve heard a lot of stories about trouble in their relationship, and this blind item may point to them. It’s got to suck when your movie bombs too, although Garner wasn’t the main headliner on Arthur.

Last week Garner dished on her sex scenes with Russell Brand in Arthur. She said “I’m very familiar, in my own way, with the anatomy of Russell Brand — and it’s good.” He was wearing underwear, though, or she may have needed some antibiotics to stop that familiarity from itching.







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